Purchasing and international sales ...

Please phone or email to check sculpture availability, discuss your commission requirements or visit the gallery.
A deposit of 50% is required before work begins on a commissioned sculpture.
Secure credit card payments can be made via a third party service.
Payment options also include cheque, wire transfer and paypal.

Delivery and installation

I use a professional pack and ship company for long distance sales.
Local deliveries and installations in Southern Ontario may be made at a nominal cost, please enquire.
Collection by purchaser or a third party is also welcome.

What is engineered stone?

Over many years I have developed an engineered stone (composite material) to enable my creative concepts and produce high quality, unique and accessible work. This material is a combination of crushed marble and/or granite mixed with a resin. It is non toxic, odourless and in fact is much the same material used to make modern counter tops.

I use this composite material to either cast the sculptures in limited editions or create large completely original pieces around a fibreglass armature. All the works are my own unique designs. The casting process is followed by grinding and polishing to reveal the stone's natural beauty. This process produces sculptures that have exactly the same appearance and tactile qualities of solid stone, and although still very heavy, they are much lighter than 100% natural stone, a big plus when it comes to shipping and installation. The composite material is also repairable, should there be accidental damage to the sculpture. Kept indoors engineered stone sculptures will only require dusting. If outdoors wash with cool water only, this can be complemented with wax polish to maximise the shine.

How many editions are made?

Editions are limited to a maximum of twenty. Editions are made to order or made one in advance. Editions are cast in a mold but significant changes can still be made. Each one is therefore unique to a degree. Larger sculptures are part of a series, which means they are 'free form' sculptures based on a design concept, no molds involved. Since they are free formed I can vary the design to a greater degree and the design can evolve with each itteration.

Does the price include a base or pedestal?

Sculptures that require support come with a 1" aluminum base as standard or if preferred a 2" stone base as part of the price. 

I can also provide plinths up to 42" in height that can be used without the smaller base. These can be ordered in black granite or white marble engineered stone, with a foot print of 14" x 14" or 12" x 12". Price for either footprint size or height is $1500. 

If you need a size outside of that range I can provide a quotation.

Monumental sculpture information

Large scale works are created using an engineered stone over a steel and glass fibre armature. This combination and layering of composites with real stone enables the creation of larger structures and delicate forms which would simply be unfeasible to carve from solid stone. All are suitable for outdoor display.

Even though these works are very heavy they are around a third of the weight of solid stone which makes shipping and installation much easier.

Prices for this scale do not include a base as this is very often a custom made item specific to client preferences or site requirements.

All large scale sculptures are unique. Commissions inspired by previous works are possible.


Each piece is signed in an inconspicuous place.

Care of engineered stone sculptures


If the engineered stone sculpture is displayed indoors it will only require dusting.

If displayed outdoors, engineered stone will eventually weather. A regular coat of hard wax will help keep the sculpture looking good. Apply two coats of wax in the spring and autumn for best protection and polish in-between coats.

Polishing wax (I use 3M Ultra Performance Marine Wax) should be applied in cool dry conditions. A coat applied in the evening can be left to fully harden overnight and then polished early the next day. If the weather is too hot the wax will become soft and more difficult to buff. It is the wax surface that is actually being polished so too much heat and there is a risk it will all be removed.

Good results can be achieved by hand but I recommend a car polisher with a 7” wool polishing pad to make the task easier. Use a light action and keep the mop moving to avoid creating too much heat.


Accidents can happen, and if the sculpture is ever damaged ‘epoxy putty’ can be used to make small repairs.

‘Fast Steel’ epoxy putty (or similar) is a dark metallic color and blends in very well with engineered granite. Repairs with epoxy putty can be made without the need for sanding smooth if it is applied carefully.