Inversion installation - Toronto 2018

The latest iteration of 'Inversion' was installed 2018 at a Toronto residence and set in a stunning garden created after the neighboring house was demolished and beautifully landscaped into an almost park like space. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to Greg Martin from Braymore Crane Services who did an expert job! 

Installation of Zephyr in Coastal Maine location

A beautiful coastal location in Maine saw the installation of a version of the Zephyr sculpture series last month. Thanks to all who made it possible and helped out on the day, in particular the owner David E. Shaw for his purchase and hospitality providing us a place to stay during the installation.

David is a local business leader, philanthropist, and arts advocate. He has funded the David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park at the Portland Museum of Art which he insisted be free of charge to visit.

Installation of Zephyr in New York

Installation of Zephyr in New York went very well. Luckily we had good weather, maybe the last good autumn day of the year as it snowed the next day. I was able to drive the sculpture there myself and a 30 ton crane lifted it over a tall cedar hedge into position.

Thanks to the guys at Oneo gallery, Sheri at the property, Nick's proffessional team and, of course, David for the purchase..